Bladesin Gaming aims to have a huge community of casual and competitive gamers, as well as a roster of pro gamers and content creators that promote a non-toxic community, and responsible behaviour online and offline towards fellow humans.

The purpose is a grand community where everyone is heard, and everyone is included. Not in everything but in at least some parts of the gaming and the work we do.

Our priority will always be the members enjoying themselves in unison with our goals and values.


Core values


Not to be confused with pride. Honour is a standard of behaviour that means you don’t humiliate others, you don’t demean them. At the same time, you stay true to your values and your integrity. You don't let others trample you or what you stand for. This means you aspire to inspire. That is Honour in Bladesin.


If you say you will do something, you do it. You follow the chain of command and you do your best to be a useful member of Bladesin. In exchange, Bladesin does its best to be useful to you. That is Duty in Bladesin.


Commit to Bladesins agenda as a member, inside and outside of games. Always do your best, be loyal and in exchange, you will have the same from Bladesin. That is what Dedication is in Bladesin.


A huge and complicated subject. Non-toxicity means that there is a zero tolerance for behaviour that demeans gender, ability, visual appearance, religion, dreams, goals, or anything else that values another person lower than yourself. It also includes any behaviour that indirectly or directly causes another person to feel looked down upon, bullied, ignored or set aside because of their life choices.

To clarify though: Any behaviour that devalues another human being, group, societal issue, individual or collective experience, is toxic behaviour. However, any groups or ideologies, including politics that does the same, for example, white supremacist groups are not welcome here.