These rules are absolute, and not up for discussion. If they are broken, you will be kicked from the community. We have a one strike policy, with exception to the severity. The reason we have these rules is to create a nice place for people to hang out and avoid drama and a toxic environment. The rules are made to avoid misunderstandings and let people know how to handle issues if they arise. Some offences are grounds for immediate exclusion from the community without warning.

1: No jokes, degrading talk, assumptions and disrespectful talk about people's gender identities, religion, professions and ethnic backgrounds. This includes sexism, racism, trying to convert people to your faith, and trash talking others faith, gender, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds.

2: Any issues that arises within this server should be taken to Communications Division and be solved privately with involved parties and the solution made official after that fact. If a solution cannot be met (by refusal to admit fault, apologies refused, general childish tantrums) it will count as a rule being broken, and consequences ensues.

3: Use the designated channels and categories for different types of conversations: It is not ok to talk about DU in the creative categories, and don't post screenshots in the general chat. This is important as to not create chaos in the server. .(edited)

4: Be clear about when you have had enough. Sarcasm, snark, nicknames, rudeness and such is a norm, and counts as jokes at all times. If you have had enough, type "PINEAPPLE" in all caps and italic. Misuse of this counts as breaking a rule, along with ignoring it. So, if anyone types that, it means you back off, it is not fun anymore.

5: No Flaming, no starting drama, don't trigger people on purpose, and don't piss of the Admins (all Directors, Grandmasters, officers, or other moderators).

6: All rules apply to you no matter what server you are in, not only Bladesin servers. (members)

7. Any and all Bladesin members must actively participate in the community as much as possible, and as a minimum be online and active once every 2 weeks (Discord) or be removed as a member.

8. Any illegal activity, being suspected as a spy or a troll, giving out information without checking with the council and other underhanded actions meant to damage Bladesin or its members in any way, will result in an instant ban, no warning is given.

9. These Rules are not up for interpretation, the community is not a democracy, if you are told you have broken a rule, you have broken a rule. If you contest this, several admins and/or moderators will discuss the situation and make a judgement as a group. If you are still deemed as having broken a rule, accept the fact and learn from it. If you break another rule after the first warning has been given, you are kicked from the community.


These rules are subject to change and the most up to date version can always be found on our Discord